2D Works 2011
Ancient Sail IAncient Sail IIAncient Sail IVAncient Sail V (Sudoku Sail)Ancient Sail VII (Perforated Sail)Broken ManCanyonClosureCoincidenceFloating TowerFolded DrawingFolded FaceFolded Time IIFolder I (House Protector)Folder IIGood Luck Charm IGood Luck Charm IIGood Luck Charm IIIGreen LineHomage to Frida/"My Dress Hangs Here"KimonoLove LetterMap CharmObject of AffectionOut of the BoxPaper BoatPink LinePure Black and PlayfulPyramidRed LineRetreat Map IRetreat Map IIRetreat Map IIIRetreat Map IVSecret LetterShoe ShineShopping for TrousersStep IStep IIStep IIIThe TheatreT's Golden ArmUntitled MapWeather Map