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As It Is
—Works in Progress—

What does it matter what poetry is, after all?
All that matters is the eternal movement behind it.

—Dylan Thomas

In the usual course of progress of any kind, there is a sense of going somewhere else, a goal to be met, where at last we can rest. Here, that goal is met in the openness of perception, the appreciation of the moment of that movement in progress.
Corrections become moot or redundant, as every mistake carries its own weight. the artwork configures based on the anatomy of each situation. Things fall together just as they do pragmatically. You listen to what's up. You don't pick and choose. You just do it. Upon completion, there is an unfinished sense which is refreshing.
The most fulfilling experience of being, while engaged in that act, is the natural falling away of the “I” who is doing something to something. There is a certain settling within the play of phenomena, myself included, “as it is.”
The “act” becomes “engagement.” The seriousness of making art gives way to humor— as it is when one finally gets the joke.

—Carol Hoy, 2010

The work of art has always been to demonstrate and celebrate the interconnectedness; not to make everything “one” but to make the “many” authentic; to help illuminate it all.
—Gary Snyder
The heart of the soul is where the inner world and the outer world come to meet. At this boundary it is present at every point.
Visual dharma* is based on having these three foundations: a non-individualistic sense of humor, a sense of all-pervasive space, and an appreciation of the play of phenomena.
—Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

*dharma means truth, reality as it is.


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